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Sunday, 4 December 2011

Do Not Go Gentle into That Good Night Paraphrase

Live life the to the fullest
When one has grown old and looks back at their life they have regrets but also achievements.
Fight to stay alive.

Wise men know and respect that their deaths are coming for them.
The only problem they have with dying is that their ideas have had no impact on the world.
Before they die they try to analyse their lives to see if it had any meaning.

Good men spend their lives doing good deeds and helping others,
but when the time comes for them to die they realize that their deeds won't be remembered and mean nothing when they leave this world.
In what time they have left they struggle to fill it with missed experiences.

Wild men who lived crazy, wild and free lives,
learn of what things they missed from living such a wild lifestyle.
They attempt to settle down and get forgiven from mistakes they made.

Grave men close to death and who have health problems,
live life as well as they can in their situation.
When their time comes they struggle against dying because they know being alive and crippled is better then being dead.

You father in this condition,
I wish for you to
not to leave me now
and to fight back what ills you and stay alive.

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